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Chef Anna St. Pierre

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The Saluto Family - "Family recipe of Success"

The Saluto Family began baking Italian cookies in outdoor ovens in Sicily, Italy. The recipes were handed down from generation to generation and are now being used to bring you the delicious taste of Italy in your own home. Our cookies are hand rolled and filled by a fourth generation Saluto.  We now continue the legacy with Jude being our fifth generation.

The fig cookie dough (cucchietta) is filled with a mixture of figs, other fruits and nuts.  The sweet filling combined with the flaky cookie makes a delicious dessert with coffee or a fine Italian wine.

The anise cookies are called so because anise oil is added to the dough.  They are iced with a confectioner sugar icing and put on waxed paper to dry.  All this is done by hand as it was long ago in Italy.

Seed cakes are made using a basic Italian cookie.  The cookies are then rolled in sesame seeds then baked to a crisp texture. The many colored Italian cookies are made using food coloring and flavoring to match.  For example, the yellow cookies are flavored with lemon extract and the white iced cookies are flavored with coconut extract and so on.

Whatever cookie is your favorite, please don't miss the opportunity to try every Saluto Italian cookie in the bag.  You may have more than one favorite.